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I, Hahna Luna am the founder and owner-operator of Fairy Magic. I am the only professional female magician in the North West specializing in YOUTH. There are very few female magicians and I am proud to break through that reality.  

Being a magician for me is an art in utilizing wonder, curiosity and childlike joy to bring an inspiring message. I chose to Launch a multi-faceted enterprise based on social-emotional learning, motivational speaking, and Inspiration focused on youth! 

This business is a startup and I am funded through a tiny microloan through the Seattle Economic Development Council, this is the beginning of making a huge impact per social change through inspiring the youth to believe in their own magic and to honor the magic in life! Please consider donating through the donate now button on the homepage, funding is always needed with creative businesses in the start-up phase. 

 I am the mother of four children ages 6,10,14,18. With my experience of being a mom, I know just how to entertain and delight the kiddos! I am for sure a birthday party expert, a master of kid chaos and most importantly I speak " kid"! My commitment is too compassionate communication and always asking consent and modeling consent in social situations. 

Fairy magic is essentially my heART ~ as I needed to embrace the sudden need to be the primary income earner for my family (one parent household), I chose to pursue what I am most passionate about, Inspiring others through my performing art! 

I do believe that life is magical and that children are the most magical creatures of all! It is an honor to engage with children within imagination, magic, and celebration! What I offer is an Innovative performing art medium as a magician and costumed character. 

The start of Fairy Magic has been in birthday party circuit and now we are branching into the schools, libraries, children's museums.  The YouTube channel is inspired by Mr. Rogers, Mary Poppins, Sesame Street and my personal hero Lucille Ball. The youtube channel is for parents and teachers to revisit the content WITH the kids, this is a positive media channel meant to inspire social-emotional health.  

The magic show is very interactive and involves improv in order to meet the needs of the kids' attention spans and wiggles!  Together we are able to up-lift and Inspire the kids to celebrate the MAGIC of life! Bubble dance parties happen throughout any presentation that I give, as movement and play are key in being happy and healthy! 

Fairy Magic services - Bellingham to Seattle - outcall service! 

Birthday Party Packages Available @ Platdatesea.org

indoor playpark and restaurant on Mercer Street in Seattle. 

WEEKLY SHOW @6:30 on Fridays, complimentary with admission

Coming soon weekly show at Playdate in Bellingham - Opening April 2019

Stay tuned and like us on Facebook, Instagram, and subscribe to the youtube channel. Links on the homepage of the website to all three social media platforms :) 

Series of Children's books launching SOON!! 


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About Us

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This is how I started teaching/inspiring through magic and performing art.