Compassion Games - Act of Kindness Suggestions


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Youth - Acts of Kindness

  • Trust your heart and calling in what inspires you, what you are passionate about and take action. This list is for inspiration and this game is not limited to just what is on this list. 
  • Pick up trash on your neighborhood, school, community center grounds and put it in the garbage. (with an adults guidance). Use gloves and do not touch anything sharp. This keeps the garbage out of the watershed which all drains into the ocean.
  • With help from a adult, place flowers on friends car windshields.
  • Open doors for people and smile at them as they walk through. 
  • Pick three kids you do not know that well in your class, and write them a secret note telling them what you are grateful for about them and ask teacher to leave it on their desk the next morning before class starts, so they get to start their day with gratitude. 
  • Write three notes for teachers in your school and leave them in their mailboxes in office. The notes are anonymous, kind and genuine. Offer compliments in regards to what makes them special. 
  • Write notes ( or acknowledge them in person) telling your family members  what you are most grateful for about them in your life and place them in lunch box, purse, car, laptop, phone….. Be specific in what you are acknowledging them for.
  • Cleaning up the yard or house for parents without being asked to or needing anything in exchange. 
  • Join a cause and actively show up and participate in making a difference through being of service. 
  • Participate in a community collaboration to decorate downtown langley for the holiday season, lets light up our charming little South Whidbey town center. Contact Langley Chamber of Commerce to see what help is needed. 
  • Volunteer in many ways for the new community center, senior center, helping hands, friends of friends, good cheer, island dance, children’s theatre, backyard, healing circles…. And so many more. 
  • Pay attention to elderly folks in your life or neighborhood that would need help with house, cooking, yard, and simply needing some interaction. Create a plan with your family to be of service to a elder.       

Compassion Games - Fairy Magic Team 

Under age 6

  • Give a toy to a friend that you know they would love to keep and or donate. 
  • Help your parents pick out toys to buy and donate to Holiday House / Family Resource Center.
  • Thank your teacher or caregiver for taking care of you, and tell them what you love about them. 
  • Open doors for people and smile at them and say “ have a magical day”. 
  • Pick up garbage with support of older loved one. 
  • Clean up the toys from play time and put them away, even if it is not all your mess. Toy kindness! 
  • Make muffins or cookies for a neighbor who would love some caring attention, and bring them over to them with your parents support. 
  • Offer to help parents / caregivers with dishes, making dinner, laundry, washing the car, and make sure you are offering and doing through kindness. 
  • When you see a friend who is sad, ask them if they want a hug or would like to come play with you. Be gentle and kind in playing a game they would like, to help them feel better. Tell them what you love about them! 
  • Cheer our friends on when they accomplish a goal of riding bike, swimming, a sport, reading level and so on….


- Pass along the gratitude cards offering a specific example of why you are thankful for that person, ask them to keep spreading the gratitude magic and pass the cards along. 

- Thank the cashier who rings your purchase up for having a kind smile or pretty eyes or friendly laugh etc….

-When the check comes at a restaurant write a thank you note and draw a picture on the check. 

- Clean up table for them as much as possible, and ideally anything that fell on ground under table. Wash hands of course! 

Showing Up

  • Take your neighbors garbage can out for them on garbage day, if your parents say it is ok and safe to do so. 

  • Make muffins, cookies, or other yummy food items and bring them to loved ones as a kind surprise with a note thanking them for being kind. With adult guidance...
  • Offer to bring your classmates trash items and recycling to the bins for them at lunch time or if you are at home, or in public with your friend / family. 
  • Read bedtime books to younger kiddo.
  • Always greet the new kid at school, and introduce them to some kids, and invite them to play with you during recess for the first week of school. 

What are the Compassion Games

What are the Compassion Games? 

The Compassion Games is a non-profit organization based out of Clinton, Washington. The heart quarters are here, the magnificent beings who created and maintain the Compassion Games are South Whidbey Locals. 

The games are held internationally and their is a online report map, for tracking and celebrating all the change makers actions of kindness. This map is a great tool for organizing a co-opetition between teams, to see who can be the kindest and make the biggest positive impact. We all WIN! 

You can sign up for the games web -site; and you will receive emails with missions, messages and inspiration. (adult focused)

Fairy Magic Invites the YOUTH of South Whidbey to participate in a customized compassion game. The missions are outlined on Fairy Magic’s Facebook and web site; the report map is easy to use to report under Fairy Magic Team. We will have a Celebration Ceremony at the Langley Tree Lighting on : 

Kiddos whom do not have access to technology and or the younger littles, Fairy Magic offers a check -list special for them to mark off what they do each day. With help from older trusted kids and or parents make sure the acts of kindness are imputed onto the map before the celebration ceremony. Older kids are encouraged to adopt a “ Compassion Team Buddy”, and help a younger kid navigate the games. Fairy Magic Team has sub-teams, you can make your own sub-team or join - Tiger Martial Arts, Tilth Earth Stewards and more to come! 

All children need to have their parents permission and support to safely navigate how to be of service in the community.