Birthday Party Perfection

Choice of characters: Owl Super Hero, Fairy, Unicorn Queen, Wizard


Ages 3-8

2 Hour Magic Show Package (most popular

Celebrating the birthday Childs inner magic and friendship magic! 

- 45 minute interactive magic show

- Featuring a LIVE Dragon! 

-Bubble dance party

- Face-Paints (first)

- Balloon Shapes (last)

Includes Gift for birthday child

Cost : $379

45 minute Magic Show alone

-Includes gift for bday child

-Features LIVE dragon! 

- Customized interactive show

Cost: $250

* Birthday show is specific to birthdays!

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Time Traveler Magic Show


Time Traveler Magic Show 

Less then 50 people

~ Card tricks & potions

~ Philosophical and inspiring 

~Comedy for all ages

~ Sebastian the bunny

1 Hour ~ $350

A journey through history flowing into a story of infinite possibilities for our future through the present moment! 

Family friendly comedy and interaction with the audience! This performance is new to Fairy Magic and a great fit for larger events and birthday parties for ALL AGES! 

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Magic Show Features LIVE dragon!


Phoenix appears through a magical portal! 

What to expect:

  • Fairy Magic entertains the kiddos while the host is able to enjoy the party! Go Team Perfect Birthday Party!
  • Magic show features a LIVE bearded dragon! 
  • Hahna is amazing with kids of all ages she will keep the kids mesmerized, involved, and excited for the entire show / service! 
  • Hahna is essentially a magical little kid motivational speaker. 
  • The kids and parents are always dazzled and delighted! 
  • The show honors the birthday child, and they receive a special gift that appears in a magic trick!

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Numbers on kids hands for face-paints, allowing kids to play freely while waiting for their turn. 


Basic Balloon Shapes - dog, cat, mouse, sword, flowers. Balloons always pop and I tell the kids to celebrate and clap when they pop, because they will pop! 

Playdate Seattle Exclusive Package


South Whidbey Island -Rates




Childlike joy and wonder within the imagination, her magic comes through the elementals earth, wind, fire and water and  honoring of each season shift is her role.


Wizard- believing in our own magic and honoring the magic in life, the wizards powers are gratitude and positive self-talk and friendship magic.

Owl Super Hero

Changing the world through one act of kindness at a time, the magic comes through the owl in honoring elders. Being a steward of the environment is the owls' role. 

(Nonspecific gender)

Unicorn Queen

Compassions and empathy within accepting herself and others just the way that they are. Her magic is through being her passion, no matter what others think or say. Her role is to take care of all the unicorns, as they were all spread out and separated for years and they didn’t know who and what they where. She gathered them and gave them a safe place to be accepted just the way they are. (diversity)


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