Birthday Party Perfection - Reviews on Google Business

Ages 3-9 - Choice of Character


45 Minute Party Package

~Interactive improv comedy magic show

~Bubble dance party (wiggle break)

~Includes special gift for birthday child


2 Hour Party Package *Most popular

~Includes 45 minute package, plus

~Face-paints (first)

~Basic balloon shapes (last)


Packages include: 

- Gift for birthday child

- Choice of character

- Choice of magical pet: LIVE DRAGON or SEBASTIAN  the BUNNY

-Every show is customized to the guest-of-honor and guest's age, gender and other considerations at clients request

* Birthday show is specific to birthdays!

Teen Party - Magic Show



Time Traveler Character 

- 1 hour Magic Show

~ Card tricks & potions

~ Philosophical and inspiring 

~Comedy for all ages

~ Sebastian the bunny

- Mesmerizing performance that will impress that will impress teens and adults alike

1 Hour ~ $350

A journey through history flowing into a story of infinite possibilities for our future through the present moment! 

Featuring Wisdom of the ages, past and future through a virtual time machine: Mother Theresa, DaVinci, Einstein, Martin Luther King, and a future elderly Ellen Degeneres


Magic Show Features LIVE dragon!


What to expect:

  • Fairy Magic entertains the kiddos while the host is able to enjoy the party! 
  • Hahna is amazing with kids of all ages she will keep the kids mesmerized, involved, and excited for the entire show / service! 
  • Hahna is essentially a magical little kid motivational speaker. 
  • The kids and parents are always dazzled and delighted! 
  • Professional booking process through a online invoice / service agreement.
  • All that is needed from host is two chairs for faceprinting and everything else is provided for service.
  • Music played through amp 
  • face-paints hypo allergenic and glitter is bio-degradable. 


Numbers on kids hands for face-paints, allowing kids to play freely while waiting for their turn. 


Basic Balloon Shapes - dog, cat, mouse, sword, flowers. Balloons always pop and I tell the kids to celebrate and clap when they pop, because they will pop! 





Birthday Party Magic Show

Is focused on celebrating the guest of honors inner magic.  In the booking process information is gathered in order to know specifics about the child and what they can be appreciated for and encouraged around. This service is well practiced, fun and a memory maker for sure! More recent reviews are on Google Business listing in addition to the gig salad reviews below and on home page of this site.

CALL to chat about your plans and get your questions answered. Hahna Luna is a mother of 4 kids and has had a kiddo of her own under the age of 8 for 18 years and is for sure a birthday party expert! 


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