Educational Venues / Events


45 minute-Stage Show

Multiple Magician Characters

Ages 3-8

Crowd engagement before and after show w/ Dragon

Social Emotional Learning 

Gratitude and Adjustments cards included

Follow up content - You Tube Channel 

Cost : $325

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Larger Audiences - Stage Show


Time Traveler - 1 Hour

Stage Magic Show 

All Ages

- Featuring a Live Bunny

- Potions and Mad Science

- Inspiring and Poetic

- Mesmerizing Performance

- Featuring wisdom from the past, present and  future through a virtual time machine projected on screen. Characters with wisdom: Cleopatra, DaVinci, Einstein, Martin Luther King, and a future elder version of Ellen Degeneres. 

Cost: $625

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What to Expect

  • Phoenix the dragon or Sabastian the bunny appear through a magical portal! 
  • Fairy Magic entertains the kiddos and or teens while the host and adult guests are able to enjoy the party / event! 
  • Hahna is amazing with kids of all ages she will keep the kids mesmerized, involved, and excited for the entire show / service! 
  • Hahna is essentially a magical youth motivational speaker. 
  • The kids / teens and parents are always dazzled and delighted! 



Demo Video - Stage Show - Wizard

Ages 3-8




Childlike joy and wonder within the imagination, her magic comes through the elementals earth, wind, fire and water and  honoring of each season shift is her role.


Believing in our own magic and honoring the magic in life, the wizards powers are gratitude and positive self-talk and friendship magic.

Owl Super Hero

Changing the world through one act of kindness at a time, the magic comes through the owl in honoring elders. Being a steward of the environment is the owls' role. 

(Nonspecific gender)

Unicorn Queen

Compassions and empathy within accepting herself and others just the way that they are. Her magic is through being her passion, no matter what others think or say. Her role is to take care of all the unicorns, as they were all spread out and separated for years and they didn’t know who and what they where. She gathered them and gave them a safe place to be accepted just the way they are. (diversity)

Winter Fairy

Honoring the season of giving and gratitude in the winter! Winter Fairy loves to host community tree lightings, with her bunny Sebastian. They give ribbon bell wands to all the children and have them circle around the tree and light the tree with their own magic!