Schools - Ages 3-10 - Social Emotional Learning

Inspiring Magic Shows - Celebrating the magic in life!

  • Magic show features a LIVE bearded dragon! 
  • Hahna is amazing with kids of all ages she will keep the kids mesmerized, involved, and excited for the entire show! 
  • Hahna is essentially a magical little kid motivational speaker. 
  • The kids, teachers, and parents are always dazzled and delighted! 
  • The magic show offers inspiration in utilizing positive self-talk and acknowledgment of our loved ones. 
  • Gratitude and kindness are access points to embracing one's own inner magic. 
  • Changing the world through one act of kindness at a time is MAGIC! 
  • The show is adjusted to the age range and venue. K/1, 2/3,4/5 and preschool-aged children.
  • Hahna utilizes improv, comedy, and movement in keeping kids engaged. 

Hahna Luna

I am the only professional female magician in the Northwest. 

As a mother of 4 kids ages 5,9,13,17, I realize that school-aged children would love to have more kindness in their lives.

It is my honor to offer an inspiring magic show encouraging children to believe in their own magic!  

Booking Details

45 minute-Stage Show

Multiple Magician Characters

Wizard is the most popular / Gender Neutral

Ages 3-8

My base rate for ages 3-8 show is $250 

40 minutes

Teens / Time Traveler Magician - $350 

60 minutes

When I do multiple shows in the same day at same location the rates are reduced. 

For example if I did two 3-8 Shows in one day It would be $200 each.

 If I do 3 it would be $175 each.

Time Traveler 

Teen show costs more money to deliver, and the minimum rate -$300 each, for more then one show in same day at same location.

I would love to speak with you about these offerings.

 I also offer Giant Bubbles, Balloon Shapes and Face-Paints as activities for events in addition to magic shows. :)

Social Emotional Learning 

Gratitude and adjustments cards included

Follow up content - You Tube Channel 

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