Social Emotional Learning Resources

 Fairy Magic delivers an inspiring SEL message through an innovative performing art medium. 

Social Emotional Learning Tools


Being the boss of our own feelings!

Adjustments and affirmations combined with breathe and believing in our own magic, we can shift our own mood! 


Gratitude Magic - Acts of kindness!

Gratitude magic is one of many acts of kindness kids can embrace in order to be the change! Fairy Magic offers a specially designed Compassion Game for schools to challenge the students to see whom is the kindest grade! As the kids report acts of kindness on the report map, and we are able to watch the impact kids have with their kindness! This creates a lasting impression on the kids to celebrate kindness, and embrace the magic of LIFE! 


Affirmative Statements Cards - Available

* Joy Incantation 

This is for raising ones mood with positive affirmations and breathe present moment awareness.

Hold hands or Crystal to the belly

~ I Choose Joy 


Hold hands or Crystal to the heart

~  I am Loved 

* Breathe

Hold hands or Crystal to the head

~ Happy Healthy Thoughts 

~ Happy Healthy Dreams

* Breathe - and Believe in your own magic!