All ages magic show- Featuring a live bunny

Ages 12 + Middle Schools & High Schools

Description of show: 

~ Card tricks & potions

~ Philosophical and inspiring 

~Comedy for all ages

~ Sebastian the bunny

- Mesmerizing Performance 

- Featuring wisdom from the past and the future through a virtual time machine projected on screen. Characters with wisdom: Cleopatra, DaVinci, Einstein, Martin Luther King, and a future elder version of Ellen Degeneres. 

Time Traveler Package for Schools 

1 Hour Magic Show - $900

10 minute - Movement break brain gym, call and response


30 minute speech

- Choosing Sobriety!

- Find your identity through doing what you are most passionate about.

- We do not need to be where we come from.

A journey through history flowing into a story of infinite possibilities for our future through the present moment! 

I share my story of recovery from drug addiction and trauma as a teen, and offer solutions in how to live a fulfilled life. 

Performing art has been my medicine and anchor in choosing sobriety and coping with adversity in life. My speech inspires others to reach for and seek their life's passions and purpose. 

I recommend hosting an activity fair following the magic show / speech performance at the school. This will  Allow the youth to see what clubs, organizations, sports and such are available to them to explore. This will support them in the process of choosing an identity! 

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