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Time Traveler Magician

Time Traveler Magician is a brand new offering through Fairy Magic Entertainment. 

Debuting a Magic Show for teens and adults is very exciting for Hahna Luna, whom is the owner and operator of Fairy Magic. 

Fairy Magic Entertainment has been offering birthday party and event magical offerings for a few years and now for ages 3-9 and it is time to expand out and reach further with a inspiring message. 

The Time Traveler Magician delivers a message in regards to inspiring others to believe in miracles, to believe in them selves.

 When we find what we are most passionate about and build our life style around that, we can be what we are ment to be. Often we need to talk our selves out of self doubt, as we are bombarded through media and culture with all sorts of negativity and limitations. Now is the time for humanity to move out of FEAR and into LOVE. Let us create a world where we all matter! 

Hahna believes ANYTHING is possible, including living a life of passion and purpose no matter where we come from. 

Through this innovative performing art medium Hahna's intention is to inspire others to grab the life they want and live it fully! 

This show will also offer tools in how to nurture a healthy mind body connection as well as re-writing our own story through utilizing positive affirmative statements to self. Let us encourage our selves and others to be our best selves and create a world together where we all matter! 

Creative Entrepreneurs always need funding to continue on with creating inspirational culture change content. This is a business that makes money, yet is funded via a tiny micro loan through Seattle Economic Development Counsel and so please see Fairy Magic's Patreon page to see how you might be able to support this impactful work to continue to flourish. Time Traveler will be offered in middle schools and high schools starting Fall 2019 * 



360-579-1828 - Servicing greater Seattle areas

Public Shows & Resources



July 4 Maxwelton Parade and Park FUN! Clinton, Washington 12pm

* July 10, 2019 Janie Cribbs & T.rust band @Bayview, Langley WA

Street Dance ~ Goosefoot.org

15 min Sample of Time Traveler Magician 5:45pm

*La Conner LIVE July 14

Magic Fun w/ Janie Cribbs and T.rust band @ 2:20 / 20 min magic sample

Gilkey Square 103 Morris St, La Conner

July 25 Ott & Hunter 

See flyer above 

* Port Towsend Brewing Company

Friday August 23 @6:20-6:40 

w/ Janie Cribbs and T.rust band

Magic sample (20 min) 


Intro - Time Traveler Magician